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No voiceover! What happened to movie trailers?

Hey, have you noticed something different lately when you head to the cinema?  No big, booming voice on the movie trailers any longer.  The movies now need to speak for themselves.  I started noticing it a few months ago, but figured it was just “that batch” of trailers I happened to see.

So why this […]

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So you think you can voiceover? Get ready to do the math!

If you are trying to get into the voiceover business and you’re sensitive about it… you may not want to read this.  But if you want some honest truth… then keep reading.

Listen I’m not perfect, nor do I have an outstanding voice. But I’ve worked hard at this for about 10 years now (without […]

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Clear communication? HA! The world is full of mumblers, fast talkers, word blenders, and Vicky Pollards

So this is definitely a pet-peeve post. Maybe it doesn’t bother anyone else, and I am truly alone in this. But I really don’t care if I’m the language or communication police today. This problem is rampant, and nobody seems to feel the need to say or do anything about it.

I’ve been noticing it […]

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I want to be Mary Alice from “Desperate Housewives”

I absolutely love this lady… What a great job! I need a fairy god mother or a hell of a lot more practice to get a gig like this! But boy oh boy would this ever be fun! Brenda Strong… you rock! Glad to see that you’re “not perfect” …. but then again somedays […]

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Hey Movie Makers! Why can’t chicks do movie trailer voiceovers?

So I tried to start a Twitter conversation about this a long while ago, and it’s still bugging me.

I ask: Dear Movie industry, Why aren’t you using female voiceover artists to do movie trailers? Because “this is the way we’ve always done it”?
You know, it’s time for a shake up. Time for something new […]

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Getting “unstuck”, when something sticks

Have you ever heard a name or a word for the first time and it just stuck (and you couldn’t get it unstuck)?

We’ve all been there. I recently did a voiceover for a company (and have three more projects to do), whom I was introduced to months ago. The person who introduced me to […]

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Why I love the voiceover business

Besides getting my “ya yas” as a wannabe performer, I am happy to say that I’ve formed some very special online and offline friendships and professional contacts with people all over the world. I’ve also had the privilege of working on some very special projects!

The voiceover industry is a special one. Although we “compete” […]

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English in many forms of…. um… English!

I have been traveling a lot lately.  And when I do, I listen carefully to radio and television, and of course, the locals! And each time I travel, I have to say – wow! A bit of an eye-opener.

I’m not being cynical or nasty about language, I’m just noting the differences (duh) – trust […]

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Radio Commercials: How to stand out? (it’s not just the copy)

I had an interesting conversation recently with someone regarding their frustration in getting a 30 second radio commercial produced. The frustration came from the fact that the voice didn’t really match the business appropriately. That happens sometimes.

But as the radio commercial buyer, you’re not powerless. Ask for a “spec” – basically a test run […]

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Voicemail tips and hiring a pro to do it

>When you hire a pro-voice for your 10-20 second phone commercial keep a few things in mind:

Find out what types of files your current phone system will take, and communicate that to the pro voice first. Some pros will charge you for each time they record. If you don’t get it right the first […]

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