j0187587Have you ever heard a name or a word for the first time and it just stuck (and you couldn’t get it unstuck)?

We’ve all been there. I recently did a voiceover for a company (and have three more projects to do), whom I was introduced to months ago. The person who introduced me to the CEO pronounced the company name to me incorrectly at the time.

I assumed the person making the intro knew the name – big mistake!!! So when the time came to actually do the voiceover, I did the entire script incorrectly! On top of it all, the Marketing Director actually gave me a pronunciation legend at the bottom of the script!!! But me and my brain were stuck on the name I had been told belonged to the company (months ago)!

Was it my arrogance that prevented me from reading the legend? Well I hope not, it was just a human thing that we do. You hear a word once, you say it a few times and you get stuck!

So I had to get unstuck pretty fast. And it was not easy to do. But there was a benefit in all of it. Since I had already recorded each part of the script three times (I give most clients three takes of each part of a script for choices), I whipped it off in no time the second time through!! And I probably narrated it better the second time through. Well at least I think so!

Is there a secret to getting unstuck? Well I’m not sure if there’s a formal method… but I just kept repeating the name about a thousand times out loud and in my head for about a day before I re-recorded!

Lesson 1: read the pronunciation legend first

Lesson 2: call the client to make sure you’re saying the name correctly