Hey, have you noticed something different lately when you head to the cinema?  No big, booming voice on the movie trailers any longer.  The movies now need to speak for themselves.  I started noticing it a few months ago, but figured it was just “that batch” of trailers I happened to see.

So why this new trend?  What’s going on?

I find it humorous that this story in the New York Times came out a while ago: “Why men always tell you to see movies“, when less and less these days you actually hear a voice at all! Or maybe that’s just here in Canada.  Maybe we’ve been singled out!  I wrote about this very issue in this post: “Hey Movie Makers! Why can’t chicks to movie trailer voiceovers?”

Women often get the gigs for resale/DVD trailers and stuff like that.  But traditionally, it has been a male dominated arena… until recently.  For sure, there are fewer voices on trailers.

Nevertheless, I like it.  I like that the producers have to be even more creative and make the movie now speak to me in a trailer.  I like that the signal to noise ratio is actually a bit lower for once.

What are your thoughts?  What do you think the next trend will be?  Maybe it will open up to women at another point in time.

As usual, for a little levity, I include one of my favorite videos, poking fun at the movie trailer voiceover folks.  So cute!

Voiceover guy gets fired