>When you hire a pro-voice for your 10-20 second phone commercial keep a few things in mind:

  1. Find out what types of files your current phone system will take, and communicate that to the pro voice first. Some pros will charge you for each time they record. If you don’t get it right the first time, it could cost you.
  2. Negotiate with the pro talent to give you a couple of choices for each script. Yes, some people are “one-take-wonders”, but so what! Sometimes there are better reads the second and third time. Besides, if you were making an animation for your web site, wouldn’t you want choices for the final product?
  3. Don’t be afraid to give the pro some direction about how you want it to sound. Should they pause after a certain line? For example, When they say your web site, should they say, “triple ‘w’, dot…” or should they say, “www, dot…”, or just “yourcompany.com”? Remember, it’s your first impression. Take it seriously.

If you’re recording content for “on hold” customers, make sure the sound bites are about 20 seconds in length. And make it interesting. It doesn’t always have to be about your products or services. You might want to try informing your audience about issues and trends. Maybe there’s some interesting survey information, or a unique spin on a problem that your product may solve. Make it interesting.

Bottom line, it’s all about integrated marketing. Consistent impressions and imaging will help your company. Well it certainly can’t hurt it ;-)