Besides getting my “ya yas” as a wannabe performer, I am happy to say that I’ve formed some very special online and offline friendships and professional contacts with people all over the world. I’ve also had the privilege of working on some very special projects!

The voiceover industry is a special one. Although we “compete” against each other for work, there is a fellowship that is hard to describe. It is a truly supportive group of people, who hold each other up and cheer each other on.

Like any passionate group of professionals, voiceover artists (at least the ones I know) are keen to make audio projects sparkle and shine. We like to please people with our gift and always strive for perfection. I can say with great confidence that most of us won’t allow one audio file reach a client until we’re satisfied that it is of the highest, professional quality. But who would expect anything less?

What I’m saying is… not only do we have great voices, but most of us have exceptional hearing as well – probably better than the average person. I have no data to substantiate this claim, but having worked many audio settings, the professional voiceover artist has a very well trained ear, not just a well trained voice! (it only stands to reason, right?).

More and more, I see our industry growing stronger. With eBooks and video consumption rates on a huge upward swing, voiceover artists are getting more gigs than ever before. Hurray for our industry! Pro voiceover artists are busier than ever!